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Naturally Music [HANTEO FAMILY]


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naturally music



PC Sorting Event (10.20 - 10.24 5pm EDT)

 If you would like to participate, when purchasing your album, please list your top 3 members you would like in the 'Please leave special instructions below' box for us!

What is PC Sorting? PC Sorting is when we sort photo cards and other random choice items in an album by personal preference. For example, you love Jimin from BTS. You want to collect all the Jimin photocards. PC Sorting is one way you can do so! We will pack the photocard of your choice into the album and send it to you! Keep in mind if you request this option you will receive the album unsealed!

Are photocard choices guaranteed? Unfortunately, photocard choices are not guaranteed. We will try our best to pack at least one of your top 3 into the album, but everything is dependent on the overall pull of the album and how popular a member is.

What is the difference between BUYKPOPMERCH's PC Sorting and Group Orders? The main differences are that there is only one payment!

Is PC Sorting only limited to the United States? No! Our PC Sorting is open worldwide. Shipping to your country is calculated at checkout.

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