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4 Ply Hygienic Face Mask 5 Packs [Made in Korea]

$13.00 USD

Hygienic Mask x 5ea = 1set ($13)

- 5 Individual Pack

- Made in Korea

  • Hygienic Mask Quadruple Filter Structure
  • Ergonomic three-dimensional Structure
  • Anti fog treatment around nose line
  • Spandex ear strap with comfortable fit
  • Disposable Hygienic Mask_5 individual packs (Made in Korea)

Usage Instructions

  1. Match the mask with your nose and chin
  2. Put the string around your ear to secure its position
  3. Press the clip with your fingers from both hands so it is tightly pressed against the nose
  4. Cover the entire mask with your hands and check for air leaks and properly adjust the mask on your face