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Dr.CLO - Sterilizing Air Purification Stick

$20.00 USD

Sterilization and Deodorization up to 99%

Dr. Clo is patented sanitizing deodorant product of advanced concept, which sterilize and deodorize without carcinogen and toxic material. It emits chlorine dioxide verified by WHO for safety.  

Dr. Clo is safe and economic sanitizing solution

Dr. Clo has been passed all procedures of safety verification in Korea(KFDA), USA(FDA), Japan(MHLW), WHO and UN. This is a new paradigm of sterilization, deodorant and disinfection with non-poisonous and immediate efficacy. Dr. Clos is a safe product for people and pets as well. 

Use it everywhere!

You can use Dr. Clo without any worry as it is safe to people, pets and foods. It can be used at home, work and school. It is also useful while driving and traveling at train, airplane, hotel and restaurant.

Watch these videos to check out Dr. Clo

Made in Korea.

Ingredients: Sodium Chlorine less than 14%, less than 5% hydrogen chloride (solvent) distilled water (diluting agent)

Brand: Dr Clo Producer: NON Co., Ltd

Dr. Clo use to releases Chlorine Dioxide ClO2, and penetrates into space and objects. When encountering viruses, bacteria, mold, and flowers powder, etc.,
ClO2 can destroy their outer cell membranes and kill them.
Works for 40-60 days and 15 sq meter

1. Please do not bend the stick strong or many times. Dr.Clo is quite sensitive Chlorine dioxide with the sound of breaking inside of stick. If you bend the stick strong or many times, it can be damaged, so please do not bend several times after it starts working.

2. Please use the sticks for each suitable purpose.(Directions for storage and disposal) Dr.Clo is quite sensitive to the sunlight,ventilation and temperature so that the contents in sticks are different for each purpose. If they are used for each suitable purpose, they can keep long and certain effect. Please do not remove the wrapping paper , it will affect service life. If the product leaks or the main body is damaged, please do not use it.

3.It is not defected goods if the stick is not turning yellow immediately. Dr.Clo starts working with the breaking the glass ampule inside of the stick. It need at least 6-12 hours to check with our own eyes till it turns yellow after the contents are mixed with releasing Chlorine dioxide.

4.Please separate the stick to plastic recycle after use up. When the lifetime is finished, the contents in the stick turn water, Please separate it to plastic recycle.

5.Precautionary statement, including the hazards to humans and domestic animals CAUTION: Avoid contact with skin or eyes, do not eating, drinking, biting or cutting the product.

6.Keep Out Of Reach Of Children Please keep the Dr Clo away from the children. Improper use of this product will cause some injuries.