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VAV Opens Up During First U.S. Tour

Posted on September 15 2018

VAV Opens Up During First U.S. Tour

Original Source: WHAT THE K-POP

What The K-pop recently sat down with VAV for an exclusive interview during their first U.S. tour!

The seven members— St. Van, Jacob, Lou, Baron, Ace, Ayno, and Ziu— are a K-pop boy group who have dropped amazing music from a variety of genres like funky-disco, urban R&B, ballad, hip-hop, and even reggae! They embarked on their first international tour earlier this year and began the U.S. leg of the tour on August 17th in New Jersey, later hitting up Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago.

When VAV took to the stage in Atlanta on August 19th at the Buckhead Theatre, What The K-pop was lucky enough to see the group’s amazing show, as well as speak to them personally in a lighthearted interview!

The fans with VIP tickets and VVIP tickets were given the chance to have a fanmeeting and autograph session with the members of VAV before the concert, and the boys were nothing but upbeat and happy to speak to VAMPZ (VAV’s fanclub) the entire time.

Just prior to the concert, our staff sat down with VAV backstage to chat for a little while.  Fans will be thrilled to know that even off stage and away from cameras, the members are just as personable, friendly, and funny as they appear onstage.  Once the cameras were rolling, they chatted about everything from their favorite songs to what they plan on dressing up as for Halloween. When the interview was over, they continued to sit around and talk for a bit, playing a game with our staff (and even winning a few prizes that made them laugh!). They had amazing, funny personalities, but they were also extremely polite as well.

The band is named Very Awesome Voice for obvious reasons, and they proved it to be true through an incredible night of performances once the concert began. Starting it off with their most recent title track “Spotlight,” VAV certainly kept the audience hype throughout the night. On top of this, the group took time in between songs to speak to everyone, answer questions, and even bring a few fans on stage to fulfill their wishes! Ayno and Ziu were even able to show off an epic duo performance to a song that Ayno wrote himself!

Their singing and dancing was on point, and their energy never ceased throughout the night. Even after the group photos and individual snapshot event— a process that took over a few hours to complete— the members of VAV were still seen smiling, dancing around, laughing, and talking excitedly with each fan.

Even prior to the concert, I always thought of VAV as sweet and loving with everyone from their fans to their fellow band members. After seeing them in action for an entire night, they did nothing but confirm these facts and made me fully realize just how incredibly polite, fun-loving, and hard-working ther are. And to answer one of the questions you must be thinking— yes,  every member is truly so gorgeous up close!

Meeting VAV was a great experience, and after getting to know them a little bit in real life, we grew even fonder of the group and their down-to-earth attitudes and friendly personalities. Combining that with their amazing stage presence and talent, it’s no wonder we’re rooting for their continued success in the future! Although we have worked with other artists in the past, VAV was really a blast to be around.

We hope to see VAV once again in the U.S. and hopefully see them back in Atlanta as well! We know all VAMPZ around the nation certainly feel the same way as well.

Check out our video with VAV in the link below, as well as a photo gallery of some of the pictures WTK took during the interview and concert.

We want to thank each of the members of VAV for taking the time to talk with us, as well as A Team Entertainment and Studio PAV for arranging the interview. The entire team of staff members was a true pleasure to work with, despite the packed schedule for the day.

Were you able to see VAV live in the U.S.? What did you think of their concert?